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Sun Valley Hills

The MINIMUM supplies you should have on hand in the event of an emergency is 1 gallon of water per day per person for 3 days (they really recommend several weeks worth). Do you have supplies to last outside for several weeks with your family, camping in the backyard if your house is unlivable? Below is listed some vendors to check-out for supplies.

Emergency Preparedness Booklet by the LAFD-this covers the most basic items for emergency preparedness for earthquakes, fires, etc. Please download it, read it and share it with your family. Keep it in a safe place.

Emergency Preparedness Resource List-this information is provided as a convenience and was put together by the Los Angeles County Fire Dept., however, they do not endorse any one vendor.

Vendors-Emergency Kits and Supplies
Earthquake Management 800-925-9744
Emergency Essentials (we order from them and have been happy with their service) 800-999-1863
Emergency Lifeline 714-558-8123
Emergency Product Kits (EPK) 800-377-3722
Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center 800-866-4876
Preparedness Zone 661-297-7467
Quake Kare 800-277-3727
Safe-T Proof 800-377-8888
Simpler Life Emergency Provision, Inc. 800-266-7737
SOS Survival Products 800-479-7998
Unique Creations 909-986-0662
Zee Medical Service 800-491-5024

Vendors-Specialty Products and Service
Name Specialty Phone
American Innotek, Inc. Disposable/portable restroom 800-366-3941
Cal Straps Furniture restraints 818-884-3404
Glass Sentinal Glass strengthening/film system 800-925-9744
Q Safety Earthquake anchoring systems 800-997-2338
Quake Hold Earthquake fastening systems 800-959-4053
Work Safe Technologies Non-structural seismic mitigation


Vendors-Automatic Gas and Utility Shut-Off Systems
Calif. Earthquake Valve/Pro-Motion 626-919-5700
Pacific Seismic Products, Inc. 800-4-GAS-OFF
Strand Earthquake Consultants 800-9-STRAND
Vanguard Valve 510-357-5038

Helpful Websites
Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)
Emergency Survival Program (monthly Focus information)
Governor's Office of Emergency Services
Southern California Earthquake Center
City of Los Angeles (CERT)
Los Angeles County Fire Department
U.S. Geological Survey
Citizen Corps CERT
American Red Cross-National
American Red Cross-Greater Los Angeles Area
Natural Disasters: Home Safety Guide