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Pets in the North Valley LA Area

There is a wealth of information on the LA Animal Services website. Just a portion of their information is below.

Golden Retriever

Laws regarding pets (for more info, click here)
To download the codes, click here

  • All dogs residing in the City must be licensed. Horses must also have a license, which costs $14 per year. A license for a spayed or neutered dog costs $20 per year. Check HERE for exemptions to the spay and neutering laws.

  • Dog owners are required to clean up after their dogs when taking them out in public. Failure to do so could lead to stiff fines. Bring a bag when you take your dog for a walk!
  • Dog owners who tie up their animals for long periods of time or deny them the proper level of water and shade face stiff financial penalties.
  • You cannot allow your dog to bother your neighbors with excessive barking. Failure to control barking that unreasonably interferes with your neighbors could lead to the imposition of strict conditions by LA Animal Services, or eventually you could lose your dog and lose the right to own a dog for one year. What can I do about barking dogs in my neighborhood? All barking dog or other nuisance complaints are handled by the City’s Animal Care and Control Department. Barking dog complaints must be submitted in writing to your local Animal Care and Control Center with the name, address, and telephone number of the complaining party, a description of the nuisance, as well as name and address of the dog owner. For further information, CLICK HERE.
  • If you breed your animal, whether on purpose or by accident, you must obtain a breeding permit, which costs $100.
  • It is illegal to allow your dog to assault, menace or threaten another person or animal. Failure to control your dog could result in losing your dog and your right to own a dog for three years.
  • If you take or allow your dog off your property or place of residence, you must have him or her on a leash. Failure to do so could result in a stiff fine. There are a number of dog parks in the City where it is legal to let your dog off-leash, but no beaches at present.
  • All dogs and cats residing in the City of Los Angeles must be spayed or neutered unless they meet certain medical criteria, are active show or service dogs, or are licensed for breeding purposes. Stiff fines and penalties can be assessed for persistent failure to comply. If you adopted your dog or cat from an animal shelter, state law requires that it be spayed or neutered before you will be allowed to take it home unless there is a valid medical reason for delaying the surgery. Contact LA Animal Services for information about the City’s free and subsidized spay and neutering services and vouchers.

Microchipping is the safe and professional way to identify an animal. While collars may fall off and identification tags may get lost, a microchip stays with your pet for life. Each microchip contains a personal, one-of-a-kind identification number that associates an animal as part of a family. The personal information connected to each chip includes the animal’s guardian, veterinarian's information, alternate contact and the animal's personal information.

The microchip is less than the size of a grain of rice and is completely harmless. Just like a vaccination, the microchip is injected under the skin of an animal (typically in the scruff of the neck) where it remains safely for life.

All animals admitted to an L.A. Animal Services Shelter are scanned for a microchip upon arrival. If a microchip is detected, a nine digit number will appear and we will contact the microchip manufacturer-AVID's 24 Hour hotline. After a quick search of the PETract database, the animal's guardian can be contacted.

Sometimes these chips can "turn-off." Please get them checked annually by your vet.

Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. If your dog has ingested chocolate, use the calculator to the right to assess if he/she is at risk.

Pet Emergency Checklist (download the PDF checklist)
For more wonderful information, please go to the Humane Society site.

Animal Shelters & Rescues for our area

If your dog or cat is lost in this area, it will be taken by animal control to either the East Valley Animal Shelter or the West Valley Animal Shelter. However, sometimes people will take it to the Burbank Animal Control so check there also.

East Valley Animal Care and Control Center

Did you lose your pet? click here
Looking for a pet? click here

14409 Vanowen St,
Van Nuys CA 91405
Fax: 818-756-9110

Serving the following neighborhoods: Arleta, Mission Hills, North Hollywood, Pacoima, Panorama City, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Sun Valley, Sunland-Tujunga, Sylmar, Toluca Lake, Valley Glen, Valley Village, Van Nuys. Outside the city limits, for such communities as Burbank, Glendale and San Fernando, East Valley is the closest LAAS shelter.

Spay/Neuter Clinic on site.

Mondays - Closed (Emergencies Only)
Tuesday (8AM - 5PM)
Wednesday (8AM - 5PM)
Thursday (8AM - 5PM)
Friday (8AM - 5PM)
Saturday (8AM - 5PM)
Sunday (11AM - 5PM)

West Valley Animal Care and Control Center

Did you lose your pet? click here
Looking for a pet? click here

20655 Plummer Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Voice: 888-452-7381
Fax: 818-756-9111

Serving the following neighborhoods: Bell Canyon, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Encino, Granada Hills, Lake Balboa, Northridge, North Hills, Porter Ranch, Reseda, Sepulveda, Tarzana, Warner Center, West Hills, Winnetka, Woodland Hills. Outside the city limits, for such communities as Agoura, Malibu, Santa Clarita, Valencia and Westlake Village, West Valley is the closest LAAS shelter.

Mondays - Closed (Emergencies Only)
Tuesday (8AM - 5PM)
Wednesday (8AM - 5PM)
Thursday (8AM - 5PM)
Friday (8AM - 5PM)
Saturday (8AM - 5PM)
Sunday (11AM - 5PM)

Burbank Animal Shelter

1150 N Victory Place
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 238-3340
Email the Burbank Shelter Staff

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 11am-3pm
Closed major holidays

Please consider rescuing a dog or cat. Foster families are also so important.

KenMar RescueConcentrating on smaller dogs, Ken-Mar Rescue is wonderful and right in this area. They also are in need of foster homes!